About us

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"Wash Lounge - The Complete Laundry Solution" understands your hygiene needs & are dedicated to provide you with the best of our services.

Wash Lounge provides you affordable & easiest way to Washing, Ironing & Dry Clean your clothes with superb quality at your doorstep via mobile app & website.

The process we follow:

  • The processing of washing, laundry and dry cleaning is done in best-class setups with Italian equipment and German chemicals.
  • We do laundry with RO water & use fabric softener and Eco-friendly detergents to wash your clothes.
  • We do not mix your clothes with others, this makes your wash very hygienic.
  • We do Cuff & Collar cleaning before loading into washing machine.
  • We provide Steam Ironing on Vacuum ironing boards which give natural shine & extra life to the clothes.

We at Wash Lounge are a dedicated team of experienced professionals working to ensure that your garments are cleaned & returned to you with greatest care, quality & exceptional service.